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FLAMES FIRE PLACES - After Sales Services.


Flames are happy to use and recommend a number of highly skilled and trusted partners, including (but not restricted to) the following:

1. www.chesneys.co.uk Chesney's
2. www.verine.co.uk Verine
3. www.jetmaster.co.uk Jetmaster Fires
4. www.bellfires.com Bell Fires
5. www.rudloe-stone.com Rudloe Stoneworks
6. www.aga-web.co.uk

Aga Stoves

7. www.creativefires.co.uk

Creative Fires

8. www.oerfireplaces.com

Olde Englande Fireplaces

9. www.continentalfires.com 

Continental Fires

10. www.yeoman-stoves.co.uk

Yeoman Stoves

11. www.fef.uk.com FEF
12. www.broseleyfires.co.uk

Broseley Fires

13. www.gazco.co.uk

Gazco Fires

14. www.stovax.com


15. www.safefire.co.uk

Exhausto Fans

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